Tunnel Refurbishment/Leak Sealing

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In today’s competitive market place, an environmental company needs to be innovative and multi-disciplined. At Forest Environmental we pride ourselves on having the ability and expertise to tackle new challenges that face us daily.

Having undertaken several major tunnel refurbishment projects, experience shows us that most underground tunnels suffer from water ingress. Over the past 10 years, Forest Environmental has developed a number of specialist methods and techniques to leak seal tunnels and concrete structures to support our other core services involving tunnel uplift and asbestos decontamination.

Our leak-sealing process uses a revolutionary two-component acrylic product that’s injected into concrete structures and masonry, and through tunnel bolts. This liquid follows the contours of the fissure, expands, and then solidifies to create an impenetrable seal.

This specialist procedure is individually tailored to suit local access constraints and job requirements.

Commitment to continuous improvement, along with our site performance, quality, service and value for money has lead to our client base expanding rapidly, establishing Forest Environmental as one of the largest leak sealing contractors in the UK. Forest Environmental’s in house management team helped to adapt and design the specialist machines and materials utilised in successful projects. The process uses a revolutionary two component acrylic product which is injected, using pressure from airless pumps, into concrete structures, masonry and through tunnel bolts.

The mixture, in its liquidised form, follows the contours of the fissure, expands and solidifies to create an impenetrable seal.

Underground Spaces

Forest Environmental’s proprietary leak-sealing procedures also mean that leaky basements and storeys below the water level can be transformed into watertight, dry areas. This enables you to make good use of what was redundant underground space to provide:

  • car parking
  • archive / storage areas
  • warehousing

All leak sealing products used for our works are backed by a full manufacturers guarantee. In most applications, Forest Environmental will also guarantee all workmanship associated with the specific job for one year.

Our clients are:

  • BAA Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted
  • Newcastle Football Club
  • St James Park
  • London Underground Limited