Supporting our core competence of licensed removal of asbestos, we now carry out enabling work – soft-strip of ductwork and pipe work and removal of boilers etc, which allows us to complete our work without external supply chain dependencies.

Forest Environmental offers a combined package for Deplanting and Decommissioning that includes:

  • scaffolding
  • asbestos removal
  • removal of all redundant equipment, such as ductwork, pipe work, boilers etc

This provides a single point of contact with no waiting time between different trades and contractors, and a wealth of expertise and experience under one roof.

Our advantage in this over competition with a typical demolition background is two-fold.

Firstly, modern demolition practice (since the issue of BS 6187:2000) is biased more and more towards remote working, whereas our practice is to carry out this work by hand where possible. Secondly, we have extensive experience of working in environments that require complex risk management techniques (ionising radiation, asbestos, confined spaces). The previous projects include:

Greenwich Power Station

We have carried out a major contract for EDF Energy at Greenwich Generating Station and to a value of approx £12M.

Whilst most of this work has involved the removal of asbestos, associated enabling work involving deplanting was also competently completed.

BT Tunnels (Birmingham)

In the case of the BT tunnels contract in Birmingham, we have carried out a total deplanting exercise on the old MOD self-contained nuclear bunker. This includes enabling work to remove the extensive plant and infrastructure that was originally in place.

We provided the services below:

  • Environmental cleaning
  • Leak sealing to tunnel joints and bolts
  • Removal, cleaning and refixing of cable supports

Disassembly and removal of:

  • Telecom switch rooms and equipment
  • Air handling equipment
  • Water filtration equipment
  • Redundant Cable
  • Generator sets and other mechanical equipment
  • Fixed steel and concrete infrastructure elements
  • Fixtures and Fittings (Demolition Soft-Strip)

London Underground Limited

We have carried out major works as an Asbestos Term Contractor for London Underground over many years. In the course of this work, we have undertaken many dismantling contracts.

Land Securities Trillium (The BBC)

We have carried out major works as an Asbestos Term Contractor for the BBC via Land Securities Trillium. Within this work, we have developed the required specific skills of deplanting in these premises.

Royal Festival Hall

We have carried out major asbestos removal in the Royal Festival Hall. The works included the complete deplanting and removal of the contents of the Boiler House for this facility.