Asbestos & Deleterious Material Surveying

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Forest Environmental will carry out a detailed survey on your behalf to investigate whether there are any asbestos containing materials within the premises – and to assess the level of risk if asbestos is present.

Forest Environmental utilise a UKAS accredited inspection body to undertake Asbestos Surveyors with a minimum qualification of P402 who can undertake informative, high quality management, pre-refurbishment and pre-demolition asbestos and deleterious material surveys.

The pre-refurbishment fully intrusive survey can be worked in conjunction with the refurbishment scope of works that greatly minimises the risk of asbestos containing materials being disturbed by contractors. We ensure that all asbestos materials that may be handled or disturbed will be fully surveyed (as required under HSG264).

Current Guidance (HSG264) Asbestos: The Survey Guide identifies two different types of survey. The type of Survey will vary during the lifespan of the premises and several may be needed at periodic intervals.

Management Surveys: This will be required during the normal occupation and use of the building to ensure continued management of the Asbestos Containing Materials in situ.

Refurbishment/ Demolition: This type of Survey will be required when the building (or part of it) is to be upgraded, refurbished or demolished.

Once we have a completed asbestos management survey, we can greatly assist our clients with their ongoing responsibilities prescribed by their asbestos management plan. This can be condition based asbestos removal, project related asbestos removal, or management of asbestos not planned for removal. (CAR2012 regulations stipulate that it is the responsibility of the Duty Holder of a building built before 2000 to commission an management asbestos survey, and act on the results of the survey).