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Site Supervisor

We are looking for an experienced Site Supervisor to manage site activities to ensure the health and safety of the allocated team and work is completed efficiently. In doing so ensure that Operatives understand company and site rules and work in accordance with the site specific and generic method statements, thorough local induction training; that work is conducted and completed to the quality expected by the company and its client; the cost of the work is within the budget set by the Contract Manager; and to notify the Contract Manager of situations when help is required.

Principle Accountability and Responsibility:

  1. To work in accordance with the Company’s environmental, health & safety, quality and asbestos policies.
  2. To work in accordance with the company’s ‘Code of Employee Conduct’.
  3. Set a personal example by wearing protective clothing and by carrying out your own work in a safe manner.
  4. To liaise with the client’s representatives on the day to day performance of the work on site.
  5. To ensure local planning and execution of work complies with environmental, health & safety and quality requirements of the company and contract.
  6. To initiation and maintaining of safe system of work as described within the plans of work, so that the requirements of the Control of Asbestos Regulation 2012 are met. See the Asbestos Policy for more specific responsibilities.
  7. To ensure allocation of work to competent persons and where gaps exist in that competence arrange suitable training and assessment.
  8. Ensure that new employees, particularly apprentices and young people, are shown the correct method of working and all necessary safety precautions. Ensure that young employees (under 18 years) do not drive any item of plant or operate any type of tool or equipment except under direct supervision.
  9. To deliver briefings and toolbox talks to convey work instructions or improvements to working methods.
  10. Do not allow operatives to take unnecessary risks. Ensure the implementation of all necessary control measures to prevent injury or equipment and property losses. This includes ensuring that all specified plant, equipment, PPE and RPE is correctly used/stored and properly maintained.
  11. Look for and suggest ways of eliminating hazards. Bring to the notice of Contracts Manager any improvement in work methods or improvements to the company’s policies and procedures you feel should be made.
  12. Perform in-process and final inspections of the works and advise the Contract Manager of all irregularities associated with the efficient and safe running of the site.
  13. Perform daily, weekly and monthly checks of PPE/RPE, tools and equipment required by company procedures.
  14. Perform observations of Operatives and others under their control to ensure compliance to procedures and complete assessment records to assist the company demonstrate competence of employees.
  15. Forward site generated documents i.e. exposure records, timesheets, etc to head office as per company requirements.
  16. Maintain the Site Data Pack records and on completion of work return them to the Contract Manager in a timely manner.
  17. Commend operatives who, by action or initiative, eliminate hazards.
  18. Report immediately any defects or plant or equipment.
  19. Investigate then report all accidents/incidents involving injured personnel and those that have an impact on the environment to the contracts manager immediately. In the event of a serious accident or incident report to the Managing Director or in his absence the Operations Director.
  20. Conducting disciplinary interviews in the case of misconduct and taking statements from those interviewed and others involved.
  21. Assisting the Directors with their duty to conduct disciplinary investigations.

Position Requirements:

SkillsTask specific training (use of injection equipment, erection of mobile tower scaffolds, work confined spaces, etc).
KnowledgeARCA/ACAD Supervisors training course. Forest Environmental Ltd’s in-house training course (within 3 months of employment or promotion). Knowledge of general construction regulations applicable to the work being undertaken. After induction a working knowledge of Forest Environmental Ltd’s in-house procedures and rules.
ExperienceTo be able to demonstrate that they have previously worked as an Asbestos Operative. To be able to demonstrate that they can lead and influence a team of Operatives.
BehavioursCustomer focused; working with own initiative and paying attention to detail; technical expertise; to demonstrate leadership and set clear direction to others; to work as a team member, being able to influence and coach others.
FitnessA general good level of fitness required. Previous injuries and medical conditions shall be notified to the company during interview stage of employment.
SecurityAs required by clients and others.
OtherClean driving license; Criminal record check; Nationality check.